It Works Loyal Customer Program

The Loyal Customer Program is our way of saying “thank you for choosing It Works” by rewarding you with wholesale pricing and Perks points when you join our auto-shipment program.

By participating in the optional Loyal Customer Program for a minimum of three consecutive months, you get wholesale pricing on the orders you place with us, plus earn Perks Points toward FREE products each time you order products as a Loyal Customer (see details below).

Here’s how it works:

  • When you agree to participate in our auto-shipment program for a minimum of three consecutive months, you will have access to all your favorite products at wholesale pricing. With these exclusive prices, you can get anywhere from 20-50% off, depending on which products you purchase.
  • As a Loyal Customer, you are only required to order one product item each month. But you can choose to place as many items as you want on your auto-shipment order, and we will automatically send it out to you each month.

    This is great for those of us who use the same items regularly and forget to re-order ahead of time. You’ll never have to go a day without your It Works products again!
  • Some months you just might not need the same item(s) again, or you may want to try something new. We understand that, which is why you can change your auto-shipment order to meet your needs each month.

    As a Loyal Customer, you can change your upcoming auto-shipment order at any time by contacting our friendly staff of customer service representatives at 00 1 616 281 1900, or by using your ID and Password to log into your e-Office at and click on Auto-ship.

    If you decide to try a different product next month, no problem! You’re only required to fulfill your minimum order of one item each month. How you choose to add on, swap, or mix and match products each month is up to you.
  • You may choose to end your participation in the Loyal Customer Program anytime after your third consecutive month on auto-ship by contacting our customer service department.* (But keep in mind, if you stay on for 6 consecutive months, you can redeem your Perks Points for FREE products! See below for details.)

  • Even if you cancel your participation in the Customer Loyalty Program after you have been on auto-ship for a minimum of 3 consecutive months, you will still receive wholesale pricing whenever you come back and place an order with us again.

* There is a $50 USD early termination fee for cancelling your participation in the Loyal Customer Program if you cancel before fulfilling the three-month minimum of at least one product order per month.  You will also lose your ability to order at wholesale pricing if an early termination fee must be applied.

 It Works Perks for Loyal Customers

If great deals and wholesale pricing was not enough reason to be a Loyal Customer, there’s now an extra “Perk” for members of the Loyal Customer Program. It Works Perks for Loyal Customers is a point system designed to help you earn FREE products, just for being a member of the Loyal Customer Program.

  • As soon as you start your membership as a Loyal Customer, you will begin earning Perks Points on all of your product purchases. (On each order, 10% of the wholesale Loyal Customer price you pay before tax and shipping will be awarded to you in Perks Points.)
  • After 6 consecutive months in the Loyal Customer Program, you can redeem your Perks Points and use them to purchase products. (1 Perks Point is equal to 1 U.S. dollar when redeemed.)

    After you have been a Loyal Customer for 12 consecutive months, we throw in an extra 100 Perks Points—that’s a $100 UDS value!

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